CALM + KIND Luxury Fleece Boyfriend Sweater (ONYX)

CALM + KIND Luxury Fleece Boyfriend Sweater (ONYX)

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The Calm + Kind Sweater has the most amazing story behind it! If you notice the placement of the “hi beautiful” on the inside of the left wrist you will understand it’s significance. My sweet assistant, two of my sisters, and a number of my hair clients have a history of cutting. When they have each confided in my their stories it became clear to me that those scars are NOT a reminder of weakness but rather proof that they are survivors! The placement if for all of us on our hard days, when we look down and feel small, our worth and value is right there reminding us that we are beautiful and strong! So HI BEAUTIFUL! Remember to be Calm + Kind to yourself and to remember you’re a freaking badass!

This sweater is an ethically sourced material. Made with Luxury Fleece it will wash and wear perfectly without shrinking. The sleeves are over long and perfect for that comfy chic fit. It is meant to be oversized. I am 5’9” and wear a Large or XL. The model is 5’5” and wearing a Small.

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